Adjusting In Arizona

Still getting adjusted to my new place. 

 My sister and I had some issues but, we talked it out, today.

The cats are adjusting and my new furniture is arriving today.

This house is really small and I am not sure I like being so compact.

Crazy is not doing well and I am concerned for her. She has hardly eaten since we got here and can’t get her antidepressants filled until Monday.  She is also being hit by physical symptoms.

Aside from all that, and on a positive note, it is beautiful here and we are starting to take part in a few activities. Everyone here is friendly too. And more people will be showing up to visit or rent in October/November so they will have even more things to do.

1st Day Over

My first day in my new home, and I lose a cat.  She doesn’t come to eat and I get freaked a bit. After looking in all the closets and drawers I become frantic and call Crazy and  to come over. Turns out, Puma had gotten herself in and behind a drawer in the living room. Crazy and I could not get the drawer out. So as I’m walking around the house Crazy yells ” I’ve got her.” Crazy finally got the drawer out so the cat came out and I can feed her.

 Other than that, things are okay. The animals are stressed and they are peeing everywhere. I am really hoping that will stop soon. Especially since I am getting a bed or futon tomorrow.

 I got to meet my Great Nephew for the second time in my life today and he is 7 years old. 

I am getting together with my sister and brother-in-law tomorrow and going shopping. I also went with Crazy to check out one of the dog park here. 

This place is really cozy, at least the mobile home is. And the activities in the park actually start on Monday. I think I will like it here. 

It still feels a bit unreal that I am living here and not just on vacation.

Feeling Like Noah

You know the story of Noah and the Ark?  How everybody laughed at him?

Well, that’s me.  My sister doesn’t believe me and is embarrassed of me and thinks I’m crazy.  I can’t tell anyone she knows the real reason I moved here.

The place is nice annd I reversed mine to make it my own.  

Sorry, getting worn out now. Goodnight

This Is It!

This is it. Our final day.  I am hoping to sleep for a few since we are getting up in 3 hours. 

I can still hardly believe I am doing this. It’s been a whirlwind.  But, God is my guide and he will get me through it.

Crazy will be driving the rental car.

We request prayers for a safe and peaceful trip.

An Eventful Evening

Our last night here at the hotel and very eventful!  

My cousin and her husband visited from Washington and took Crazy and I out to dinner.  We went to The Feast Buffet here at Palace Station.  The food was good and the conversation was fun when my cousin PD wasn’t being nosy.  She is friends with my eldest sister (call her Snob) and will report back anything we said so she grilled me for information which she didn’t get.  I am sure Snob won’t be really happy.

After dinner, I gambled for a bit. I won $177.00 on a bonus on a penny machine, cashed out, then lost $40. But, it’s all good because I am now $137.00 richer then when I started.

Last Minute Push

This is the big push for completing packing at Crazys’ place.  Tomorrow, we pick up the rental car and finish loading the truck.  We leave early Friday morning.

  It is still rather surreal to be moving again.  Especially, after calling the electric company and learning someone had already changed it to their name. 

 We drove by the condo, yesterday. Flashbacks of moving in and guilty feelings of having never used the pool & jacuzzi, I had so desired; since I fell twice.  I”d imagined moving in and taking walks around the complex in the mornings. That never happened. 

 My foot is better, but, still healing and I walk with a limp still; so Crazy will have to drive all the way to Arizona.  She can do it, I will at least be her Copilot when I am awake. 

 I am not planning on sleeping much Thursday night.  Will be back at her place, and will need to get the cats drugged up an hour before leaving.