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Unsurprisingly Sick Today

I believe yesterday would have been my mom’s Birthday (she has been gone for 3-4 years) and was also National Sibling’s Day.  Last year, I spent time posting a picture of my sister and I on Facebook, but, this year has been spent arguing with her.  It’s very, sad.

Since she will no longer be able to read this blog, she will now read/views my Facebook status with a fine tooth comb looking for anything that pertains to her and freaking out if it appears negative.  This is all due to my life choice that she does not agree with.

We are not 10 or even in our teens; we are both full grown adults with our own lives and families.  Well, actually, she has a family.  My previous Spouse bailed and I am starting with someone new.

I am feeling ill today probably due to the stress of some of this.  I’m sure there are other factors, as well. But, emotions can cause you to become sick.  I need to pray that God will handle this one.  I am tired of this drama.  Isn’t the drama supposed to be at the wedding verses before?

There is also the fact that due to my medical situation, I am losing way to much weight to fast again.  The last time this happened, I got started back on Formula; but, Las Vegas will not approve Formula for those over 18, as they consider it a “medical food.”  I need to get the Insurance Commissioner’s info to see if we can change that.  In the meantime, I am considering finding a Weight Gainer I can take.  It is horrible losing so much weight.  I don’t want people to think  I am Anorexic.  Most people have the opposite issue, am I the only one in the world with this one?

2 thoughts on “Unsurprisingly Sick Today”

  1. Yes stress will do it every time. I think its despicably sad that your family is acting the way they are. You are so happy and ah “Mr Bunny” is so good to you and for you. Shame on them for being that way! Get well soon!


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