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Gift Etiquette

So, you are invited to a wedding and you cannot afford an expensive wedding gift; how many of you would go to the Bride and tell her you cannot afford an expensive gift but, you will be getting her something.  Seriously, that is so tacky.  I have had 2-3 people do that already.  It’s the thought that counts.  I don’t care if you go to the 99 cents store or if you give us a few bucks in a card.  Why are you telling me in advance that we are not getting an expensive gift from you?  Neither of us were raised to want expensive things and the Registry Lists cover all different price ranges.  We registered at Target and Amazon.  But, that is just tackiness to warn me in advance.  Is this a Vegas thing?

I went to the doctor, finally and got on Z-Pac so I am starting to feel a lot better.  Then, last night we volunteered and sold shirts at the Chris Tomlin concert so I need to take it easy today.  It was really cold and windy outside.  We even got  backstage passes to get a picture taken with Chris Tomlin after the show.  It was really cool for my Fiancé; not so much myself since this was the first concert of his I’d been to and I really didn’t see, while working in the booth..

Tomorrow is the church picnic but surprisingly, we aren’t having it at church.  We are having it at a park.  That’s a new one.

In family news, my Sis and I have agreed to disagree and simply accept what is going to be.  We are back to  normal talking terms and I know where she stands on my decision; which is fine.   We don’t need to discuss it anymore as, discussing won’t change anything.  I do believe it sad that the last memory of seeing me will be at Christmas for just a few minutes, though.

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