Helping A Law Breaker

I was down all day yesterday and I pray I am not getting immune to Z-Pac or I will have to see my new doctor and see what else to do.  I didn’t go to the church picnic deciding instead, to stay in bed.  I have been stressing over a decision I have been making which I know is wrong and I need to stop.  I need to play tough love and make my Fiancé get his License or stop driving my car.  Originally, it was supposed to be for nighttime driving with me in the car, but I have become lax on this; I am starting to freak out at the consequences of a possible accident/ticket scenario and don’t want to lose everything I have worked so hard for.  There is no excuse for him not taking the driver’s test and I should not be supporting/allowing someone to break the law.

The animals have been doing much better and Firepie has not been playing hunter, as much.

Today, is D’s (Fiancé’s) mom’s Birthday so we are going to drop a present off to her.  She was sick yesterday too and I don’t want to visit if she has flu like symptoms, like she had.

2 thoughts on “Helping A Law Breaker”

  1. You are right GF…time to stop enabling him that way. You are setting yourself up for HUGE liability and him for jail time and huge fines. Not good. Stay firm!


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