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My Grumpy Cat, etc.

My doctor could not fit me in yesterday so they sent me to Urgent Care where I got loaded up on strong meds.  I just pray this helps and I don’t have any weird, suspected side effects of heart palpitations, which they warned me about.  I also discovered I am still losing weight.  This is a big concern.  I am going to have to find some Weight Gainer because the last time this happened, I had to start formula and I cannot do that here in Nevada.

I gave D. an ultimatum for today and I pray I can stick to it.  We are going to the DMV or he is taking the bus to church tonight.  This has become one of the biggest issues between us, at present and it needs to get resolved.

Firepie has been on the rampage all morning; fighting whoever is in her way.  I hope she is feeling okay.  I picked her up and she whined to get down before taking off and attacking one of the cats in her path.  She is my beautiful 9 year old, and I don’t want her to be in pain or anything; and we are just chasing her around with the water bottle.  The veterinarian can hardly handle her when she gets moody and she seems to be getting worse as she gets older.  I think she would make a great, Grumpy Cat.



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