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We Crossed A Hurdle, etc

He Passed!  The first part is Over!  Praise God! The 2nd part is already scheduled and it won’t be so much drama.  This was almost worse then my fear of heights, I tell you.  I guess we both are good for each other the way we force each other to do things out of our comfort zones to benefit our lives.

In other news, remember yesterday when I said I didn’t think my Firepie was feeling well?  I was right.  She barfed all over D’s jacket and jeans.  I could just tell she was more mean then usual.  Plus, she attacked Tara twice last night in the dark before we closed her out of the room.  Tara is my Angel cat whom I saved at the high-kill shelter.  Tara chose me.  Poor cat didn’t know what she was getting into.  She had been hiding in closets and under things forever, it seemed; until we brought the kittens in.  Now, her personality is shining through and she is playing with the kittens and reaching out a bit for string and even jumping on the bed to lay with us.  We still need to keep watch over Old Moody who didn’t really want her here from the get go and has made that clear ever since her arrival.

I am feeling a bit better today.  Although, a bit concerned about having had the contrast in the MR for my brain.  Hope and pray it did not affect my kidneys.  Am feeling some weird pains which was a negative aspect and just hope they stop without medication.  I could already open a pharmacy.

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