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Wedding Postponement

My Fiancé is an Artist. A Painter, actually but, he does his own type of painting.  He has a character which he puts in all his paintings in some way or another.  He used to do the character as a graffiti symbol, but has turned that around to actually paint it on canvas.  .  He is an up and coming Artist.  People are starting to take notice of his Art by having him paint FREE at certain First in Las Vegas!  He has done one, he has also painted at a Skate Park Event.  He is also having a magazine article written about him painting about First Friday.

Here lies the problem: He has lost focus.  Every event he is asked to paint at, he wants to accept Yes to. He claims it gets his name out and gets him recognition.  If I ask him not to paint at an event, I am apparently squashing his dream.  His dream is to make it BIG!  To sell his paintings and make money from them.  He is so narrowly focused on his dream..he forgot we had a wedding to plan, or wasn’t phased by it.

When we discussed finances, it got to be scary.  He wants to provide with the sales of his paintings, and I cannot accept that.  He hasn’t sold more then one yet, and I would lose income.  There would be a waiting period.  He needs to get a job!

Somehow, in focusing on his dream, he has lost sight in the fact that he wanted a life partner.  He feels by asking him to miss and event, I am not behind him in his dream.

I am on level ground, right now.  I am thinking of right now and the bills that must be paid.

Needless to say, I have postponed the wedding.  He said he will get a job and I pray he will.  I think what hurt the most was when I postponed the wedding, he said “Okay” and went back to talking about his upcoming painting exhibit, again.

I have been through a lot in life and I am going to watch this.  I need to make sure this is Love and not  just “His Dream now.  I “wanted it to be “US” and to make dreams together.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Postponement”

  1. Stay strong. He needs to take a reality pill. You need to tell him “it really hurt that you just kept talking about painting when I said I wanted to postpone the wedding like it was nothing to you” He needs to be aware he hurt you. He cant fix what he doesnt know is broken. Im praying for you.


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