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Miracles Happen When You Sacrifice

Great News! The day after I wrote the blog Postponement, my Fiancé got a phone call from the temp agency where he gets the jobs at the Speedway about a full-time job at a hotel here in Vegas.  He went on the interview and got the job!  It is full-time from midnight to 8 a.m. and in 6 months, the hotel will pick him up if he does a good job.  I’m guessing that also means benefits.  He has to be clean-shaven every day so he will have to cut off his beard.

I am so happy about the job!  This really does prove he loves me and wants things to work for us.  Especially when he has to be clean shaven, every day.

My rugged man has to shave off his beard for this!

I am so sad on that.  That is the man I fell in love with. I love his beard and I know he does too.  But, this is hotel policy and I guess a lot of the stores are doing this, as well.  The fact that he is willing to do this for this job without saying he wanted to look more, means a lot!

With his work hours, he will still be able to paint at most events; but also, by having a full-time job and getting some sleep, he will have to balance and maybe prioritize the importance of things.

God is with us and we are moving forward together.

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