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The Writer In Me

My Fiance is a Painter and I am a Writer.  I am a writer in the fact that I have a children’s book published on  I want to write more books but right now, I am at a blockage.  Every time I see that blank page, I have no words to write on it.  There is no beginning.  I watched another Painter last night as she looked at her canvas..willing it to speak to her..before she painted something on it.  Somehow, it did and Art is being created.

The words aren’t coming yet.

I did start a story about my life and if it is still here, on the computer, I will continue with it.  Maybe, not to make money..maybe for my own memories.  The good thing on this story is it does not have an ending and maybe it won’t.  As, I write that, perhaps, another story will surface so I can start again.

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