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First Friday and People

Yesterday was First Friday which was good, and he painted which was good.  But, a few things occurred which weren’t so good.  I need to discuss this with him but, am not sure how.  He already knows how I feel, but I need to point out these specific things and how I felt about them.  Last night, I was tired and irritated and didn’t want to say something I would regret. He needs to at least know where I am coming from.

Tonight, might be the first night of his new job.  I pray this helps him focus more. Prioritize what is important.

At First Friday, I saw a woman waiting for the bus.  I am not sure  if she was on the phone or talking to herself, but, she talked for over an hour about how bad things were and now, she would have to take the bus because she couldn’t rely on “you for a ride.” She talked as if someone else was there.  I don’t believe she had a phone with a headset, but maybe, she did.  What is it about those people that make us want to close our doors and get further away?  Closer to those we feel safe with.

I saw a lot of really, good Painters.  Some of which jumped off the page, and some really make you think.  It could be this or it could be that.

I spent some quality time with my future Mother-In-Law, as well and we had a lot of fun checking out the booths and the people, while E. painted.

*Many hours later- So, I told him how I felt about things that happened last night.  I can’t be afraid to talk to him.  He needs to know, even if I am reiterating the same thing.  I do love this man, after all.

He won’t be starting work until after the weekend.  He needs to get the Health Card and cannot do that until Monday.

2 thoughts on “First Friday and People”

  1. Wow intriguing…somethings bothering you enough that you need to talk to him but dont know how? Thats a red flag big time. This is the man you arfe going to marry, your best friend and confidant and communication is #1! How do you tell him…. You just SAY IT. You are entitled to your feelings and your feelings and needs are just as important as his. Im on the edge of my seat wondering…….


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