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TMI on Facebook & Firepie Issue

D. has a really good standard to live by.  When we have a disagreement or something negative to cause one between us occurs; he does not post about it on Facebook because he does not want people we know saying negative things about me.  I like that.

I know sometimes I share to much on FB, but, that is one reason I started this Blog.  Most people on here don’t know me.  My Sister is no longer able to read this.  Here, I can say how I really feel about things.  Not without repercussions, since I do have once close (and outspoken) friend that reads this, but, she is trustworthy and I value her opinions.

We are dealing with an interesting issue with Firepie.  We’ve discovered she is peeing on any clothes that are on the floor, as well as the Futon, etc.  Basically, anywhere that Tara has been.  She has not been getting as much playtime as she used to or as much good attention, since she has been acting out and we know a few things we need to work on for this issue. We need to look at this from the cats’ viewpoint and figure out how to deal with it.  Yes, we know one solution of hanging up the clothes.

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