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Some of my Health Issues

Last night was the first night of my Fiancé’s new job and a terrible night for me.

I don’t know how much I have elaborated on this blog but, I am a Migraine Sufferer and will be starting Botox Treatments for it soon.  In the meantime, I have been using Fioricet and Maxalt to help with the pain.  My insurance is no longer covering the Fioricet and since I’ve had a Kidney Transplant, I cannot take Advil or the other one which they recommend.  I have tried all the other drugs.  So, the doctor has advised to only use Maxalt until I start Botox which is on the 28th.  The problem with that is, my Insurance only approves about 6-8 Maxalt pills per month and I get Migraines about once a day.  Today is the 6th and I have 3 left.  I’m not good at math but that means, I will be without for approximately 14 days with nothing for the pain.  Oh Lord, Give me Strength.

I was also born with a metabolic disorder and am the 2nd eldest living with it in the world, we believe.  It is called Propionic Acidemia and is mainly a children’s disease which most children don’t survive with or if they do, they have physical and mental disabilities.  This is the main reason for my weight loss as, I should be on a formula but Nevada does not approve it, except as a “medical food.” and will not cover “medical foods” for those of us older then 18.  I am being followed by a Metabolic Doctor for this.

I will list just a few more of my issues to give you a picture of what I deal with.  I have IBS, ADD, and Depression. I take at least 12 pills a day (provided I remember) which includes my anti-rejection meds which I am on for life.  I had a Kidney Transplant in 20007 and the Kidney Disease was probably caused by my Metabolic Disorder, but that is not confirmed. Apparently, others with this disorder are also getting Migraine Headaches yet, they are still saying the Migraines are not related to the disease.  They really don’t know what is related when it comes to the adults.

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