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Faith Is Our Factor

I am not gong to say today would have been my 14th Anniversary because it doesn’t matter anymore.  It wasn’t meant to be.  I was with the wrong person, and now, I am with the right person and I can be happy, for real.  My man is a Christian.  He has proved to me that he loves me.  I asked for two things before we get married.  A job and a Driver’s License.  He got a job at a hotel.  He is doing so well, they have put him on a Crew already.  He hasn’t had a night off yet and it has been 6 nights including tonight.  He is not objecting.   As for the Driver’s License.  He has already taken and passed the written part and he will take the actual Driving Test tomorrow.  I am not worried.

I have decided against the Prenup.  While he had agreed, if that is what I wanted, it would be fine; I talked to an Attorney friend of ours who said they are very expensive. Then, my sister apparently heard Dave Ramsey say not to get a Prenup unless you have over a million dollars or something.

I really do believe this will be my last marriage.  We are going into this with more then dreams, hopes, and love.  We both have Faith and Belief in God which is a big factor!  My last man did not have that.  We also have honesty and trust, which my last man did not have.. “in sickness and in health until death due you part.”

2 thoughts on “Faith Is Our Factor”

  1. I love you my precious friend and I am so happy you are so happy. Your man is your gift from the heavens. God knew your need and your hearts desire and blessed you beyond measure with Mr Bunny as i shall refer to him here…giggling. Anyway I see forever in you two too. You are just as much his gift from the heavens. You are each others perfect match if there ever was one! Heres to your happiness together!


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