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My Family and Home News

The sad news of the day is he did not pass the driving test.  It sounds as if the Instructor was an Ass and a Stickler, plus, he had to park between cones.  I’m sure it wasn’t advantageous to take a friends car which he doesn’t drive very much.  It’s okay though, I know he can drive; and he will retake the test next week or on the 2nd.

In family news, my sister says now, they may be moving to Las Vegas for her husband to get a job instead of New York.  If you’ve been following for a while, you will know this is the sister I talk to who wasn’t going to take time to attend my wedding due to her moving schedule, etc. Originally, that’s what she told me before telling me her true reasons. She is also the reason I changed this Blog to what Final Chapter and changed my entire WordPress site, so she couldn’t find it.  It would be nice if they move closer, however, I will refrain from major excitement and will be happy for her either way.  They need to do what is right for them.  And, now, that I am happy with my Fiancé, I am okay wherever my sister wants to live.

Woke up with a Migraine this morning and took one of my Maxalt meds before going back to sleep for about 3 hours.  I really hope Botox helps with those.  I know it won’t cure them but, I believe it is supposed to help with the amount of Migraines I have and maybe the duration when I have them.  If I get immune to Maxalt, I will be in trouble.  That is like the last available medication that helps, I believe.

I canceled my PayPal Credit Card after receiving notice that they will not longer be linked to E-bay, plus, they are adding all these numerous interest or other charges on other store purchases.  I don’t need to deal with that.  I use one credit card for computer purchases and one credit card for outside purchases.  it does not have to be with PayPal.

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