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Behind Your Back Communication

When is it okay to go to your sisters’ friend about a family issue?  Seriously.  My sister is having issues about the marriage of me and my Fiancé’ so she went to my best friend, behind my back; apparently thinking she, Faith, is what I will call her (if I remember that in the future) will help to change my mind.  At least about the timing of it.

Instead, Faith spoke her true feelings and opinions. She is good at that, and stood by us, telling my sister to basically grow up and accept what is and to be there for me.

The issue here is when is this okay to do?  In Soap Opera’s this is done all the time, in the real world, how is this acceptable?  I have decided to pray for M. and not to mention it to her.  She obviously is having issues and doesn’t know how to deal with them.  I know it really bothers her that she cannot read and critique my Blog anymore.  Thank you, Faith, for sticking up for that too.

My sisters’ friend is also one of my Facebook contacts and the only time I have contacted her for something personal was when my sister was in the hospital and I could not contact her and did not know why.  Her friend gave me my  Bro-In-Law’s phone number.

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