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Managing Schedules

PayPal said when you cancel they won’t let you start again for at least a year.  I forgot about the fact that I can send money to others that way.  I think after I get married, with my new name; I may just try to apply again and see what happens.  They never changed it from my married name anyway.

D. finally got on a schedule at work.  He will be off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  We now have to decide if we want to change our wedding to one of those days.  The Pro’s on that is traveling to Vegas will be easier traffic-wise and hotel tickets are cheaper. The Con’s of course are, it is in the middle of the week so people will have to get off work.  Of course, if we plan it soon enough, so can they.  We need to set a date soon.

D. is doing so well at his new job, his immediate Supervisor is teaching him things about his own job that he is not teaching the others.  D. is actually going to be cleaning some Bars tonight on his own that usually only his Supervisor does, because his Supervisor will be off.  I am so proud of him!

It’s been a bit of a strain getting used to this work schedule, but, we are doing it.  It is weird to have opposite schedules now.

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