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Helping Others and Myself

I have started volunteering for the Children’s Ministry at church and 2x out of 3 I have been sick afterwards.  I think with my Immune System, I will have to stick with the older children verses the babies.  As much as I love to hold the babies, they seem to be a bit to germy and it just isn’t working.

Today, I am going for my first Botox Injection for my headaches.  I did have this done a long time ago and it hurt like hell!  I remember they asked where the pain is and that is where they shoot the medication.  I sincerely pray this helps because it is my last resort and it is extremely expensive.  Actually, it breaks down to $6.00 a day but if you put that in a lump 3 month sum, it’s enough to give you a headache.

D. has been doing great at this work and on his days off lately, he has been doing to much.  He promised to help a girl at church with her Prom/Going Away Party and he has worked all night for the past two nights.  I don’t want him passing out at work tonight.  Thank God, this Prom thing will be over on Saturday.

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