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It’s Her Party and She Did What She Wanted To

Last night we went to the Prom/Going Away Party for the girl at church.  It was the weirdest party I’ve attended in a long time.  The build-up has ben excruciating and she made it all about her with very, little time for anyone else.  She and her best friend sang for us, she and some guys did a dance for us, she gave her testimony about her life and her family and how God was important to her, she showed and talked about family slides, she did have some dancing, but, only for a little bit at the end.  At first she wasn’t very thankful for all the work D. put into her wall murals, but, I think after so many compliments, she changed her tune, a bit.  I know she wasn’t overly happy though; because it didn’t have everything to meet her demands.  But, it is over now and she is moving to Washington to write a book or maybe a book series and I think to be near family.  I wish her well and hope her journey turns out a good as my adventure did moving to Vegas.

We stopped at the Church Yard Sale, as well, and after seeing everything they had started with, we were shocked by what was left.  There was a lot gone.  What is sad is, almost everything we have donated is still there.  I know they just need to find the right buyer.  Maybe, a Handyman of some sort.  It still looked like a small, furniture sale over there, as well.  We did wind up purchasing a plastic, Pizza Cutter  for us and a stuffed Donkey for Operation Christmas Child.

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