Disease, Prayers, Propionic Acidemia, True Life

My Botox Experience, etc.

A few days ago I had Botox Injections in my head for my Migraines.  I held my Fiancé’s hand during the process.  It was sort of like Acupuncture, but, in my head in 6-8 places and it stung.  The last two hit the nerves where I really get my Migraines and the tears started.  The worst part was afterward.  I have been having weird side effects.  Sometimes, my chest feels heavy and I have numerous aches and pains I did not have before, I also have some itching periodically where the Botox was injected.  The doctor only told me about the possibility of drooping eyelids.  He never mentioned the other stuff; I had to look it up.  I really have to pray on what to do because even if this does help, (which it hasn’t yet) I will need to decide if the side effects are worth it.

Today, I actually slept until 6 p.m. which was crazy and I am still having Migraines because the Botox won’t even take effect for at least two weeks.

Tomorrow, D. takes the Driving Test again.  I really, pray he passes.  I know he is a good driver.  Plus, he knows what he did wrong the last time so he should be fine.  Please pray for him, if you are a Christian.  Thank You.

Lastly, I feel really sad because a girl with the same disease as I passed away after having dental work done.  They say she passed away from the disease.  She was 29.  I’m sure it’s possible her immune system gave out with all that stress.  I feel so sorry for her parents.  I believe she may have been an only child.  This disease is considered a Children’s Disease and most of us don’t live to be as old as she did.  It makes me think of my life since I am the 2nd eldest surviving.  It is called Propionic Acidemia.

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