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My Two Requests = Done

He Did It!  My Fiancé passed the Driving Test!  He got his Driver’s License.  Well, the official one will be here in two weeks in the mail.  I am more then proud.

However, there is always that one snarky person that has to try to rain on your parade.  There’s a girl from church that likes to talk about people and start stuff.  I’ve had a problem with her before.  Anyway, she has been acting all friendly lately, but, when we saw her and her husband yesterday and were talking about the License, I said, “See what I did?” she goes, “Well, I thought it was a God thing, but I guess it was Bunny,”  How Rude!  Yes, it was a God thing!  But, God isn’t the one that let’s D. borrow her car, God isn’t the one that makes him get the Driver’s Handbook and go down and take the tests for the License.  God isn’t the one that went on about him getting a job; actually, postponing our marriage so he would do so.  God does need some physical help sometimes, from people down here.  As a Christian, this girl should know that!

I am not letting her ruin this.  I just needed to vent about her stupidity.

What matters is, he has done the two things I asked.  He has a job and a License.  I am extremely thankful for this man.

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