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Saving Sad Wedding Ceremony?

My eyes are red from crying over this situation.  Is it honestly selfish to have wanted the wedding D and I so desired?  I was reading the Bible about forgiveness.  It’s going to take a bit.  A long time.  Right now, I don’t think I can be close to her, near her in any capacity.  I’ve already warned people including D. since I will be a Greeter at church, I do not want her coming up to me and congratulating me.  I do not want her near me.  I honestly believe I will have a break-down or/and take her outside and tell her how I feel and it won’t be pretty.  The reason we would go outside is I know it isn’t right to throw F-Bombs in the middle of church.

D and I talked last night, and he is going to talk to Pastor to see what we can do to save this, or at least red0 this situation, a bit.  While we are already married in the legal form, there has got to be some sort of ceremony we can incorporate into the Reception/Party we are going to have (in August) that friends and family can witness.  I can have the right person stand up for me this time, if we incorporate that.  We can keep our theme and we can still take a Limo for pics at the Vegas Sign, if we want.

After that discussion and decision, I finally slept last night.

1 thought on “Saving Sad Wedding Ceremony?”

  1. I dont get why you have to ASK your Pastor anything. You are allowed to have any kind of ceremony/party/gathering you want to have. Its your right. There is nothing to “save” either. Its not about that its about having the ceremony and reception you wanted to have period.


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