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Forgiveness and Prayer Request

We talked to Pastor D. on Monday.  The pain and hurt has been eating me up inside.  He was right.  It is about the end result.  We are husband and wife now.  He also brought up the fact that this must of been God’s plan and he was right. I like this point he made: The people that come to the wedding wanted  to see us united.  We are united now.  We will show them that at the party.  He did say to give it a week and not to focus on her, focus on the planning of the party we will have.

But, you know, I’ve been thinking.  Christ’s love is not selfish and he wants us to forgive.  He died on the cross for us and forgave a lot more then this.  Seriously, it’s no wonder it killed him.  Not, just the Pharisee’s.  I now know why if you don’t forgive, it can eat you up inside.  If I were in her shoes, and the roles were reversed; I would apologize for ruining her wedding.  The one she planned.  If this was done out of love, I would tell her I was sorry but she wasn’t listening to me so I did what I believed was right.  But, I am not her and I can’t be waiting for something I am not going to get.

We are all made to be a bit selfish, I think. But, I can’t be holding a grudge forever.  What’s done is done and over.  A friend has made a video which I will post on Facebook.

I give this to the Lord and I ask any Christians that read this to pray for me.

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