The Cruella Saga Continues

This morning I woke up feeling peaceful and willing to forgive, with boundaries.  My new Mother-In-Law informed me last night that Cruella has a dog who had puppies, plus, Cruella has a really, pretty Facebook Profile pic which I am unable to comment on.  So, I sent her another Facebook Friend Request along with a msg via text telling her, I sent her a Facebook Request since I had unfriended her and that I had been very hurt by what had happened, but it was over now and that I forgave her.  She wrote back and said she didn’t understand why I was hurt.  So, we talked on the phone:

This woman has no empathy at all for my feelings.  She is trying to be so church/biblically based that she is only doing what is right according to the church and the Bible.  According to her, she did the right thing and she can’t believe that I think what we were doing was right.  She went on and on with a lecture about living in sin..again.  She also said if anyone else were doing wrong and she found out, she would report them.  Good to know.  So, she thinks she was right and I am making her out to be a ‘Scapegoat.”  She also picked out wording.  I guess she didn’t call the church a few times, she went to the church and talked to the Pastor’s wife.  Needless to say, the phone call was ridiculous.  She tried to say, nothing was her fault and our choice was our decision; not even considering the fact that the choice was brought on by her.  She simply goes back to the fact that we made it by living in sin and volunteering at the church.

I leave it up to God now.  I don’t have as much anger and sadness as I did; but, Cruella and I have definitely not even come close to patching things up.  I don’t know if we will.  I still need to forgive, but it makes it harder when there is no she refuses to realize the way actions would affect my feelings, but simply put the blame on us.

If you want to get to the nitty gritty, a lot of people in the Bible had more then one wife and they lived together.  God did not punish them for that reason.   Refer to the Old Testament.

3 thoughts on “The Cruella Saga Continues”

  1. I am not surprised one iota. Be very HAPPY Im not in Vegas…Id be in Cruella’s face so fast and so hard-with my Team Bunny shirt on in full view. She has no right to judge you. She is a human and God sees into her closet the sins others in that church dont know about. Playing holier than thou is gonna bite her in the butt HARD one day. I only wish I could have a front seat to watch it! Id pull up a chair for you and make popcorn let me tell you what.


  2. She will never come around to admitting she was in the wrong. People like that never do, they continue to believe they are perfect and others are imperfect and it is her job to point it out to others. In my opinion being her friend on facebook won’t work. If she does come around and friends you it will only be a matter of time before she finds “another” sin that must be stopped. And believe me she will. Avoid her as much as possible, be polite when she is around in public. It is possible to forgive without contact.

    Love ya and hugs and prayers for you.


    1. That’s it. After that conversation, I immediately canceled my Friend Request. I don’t need those types of FB Friends. I can only pray for her. It’s very sad, she has no empathy. As far as the church, I am watching it closely. I told my husband; if to many people start judging; I will change churches and he can stay there. I don’t like the Gestapo Mentality.


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