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Keeping An Eye On My Church

My husband loves our church.  He has been attending since it was built.  He is now starting to Tithe since he has a job.  I, however, am watching it carefully.  I don’t like some of the rules.  And, now, they are going overboard since the shooting in South Carolina.  They are going to start searching backpacks randomly, and having security guards around the church that are actually licensed to take care of a situation like that, they also said if someone comes in the church that is new and looks like they are mentally unstable; they are going to have someone from the church sit with them verses letting them sit alone.  Lastly, they said if you see someone acting differently or funny, to let one of the church elders know.

I don’t like this.  I think it is overkill.

I want to be a Teacher as long as I attend this church, but I don’t know how long I am staying.  Just because we are married does not mean we have to go to the same church.  I am watching this church closely.  Depending on how things pan out, will make my decision.  In the meantime, I will get my experience and go from there.

Speaking of experience.  D. may become Supervisor at his job very soon.  He plans to take that experience and possibly move to a hotel closer to the house eventually.  That would be nice and save the gas and the long drive every night.

2 thoughts on “Keeping An Eye On My Church”

  1. Bunny you’re hopping down a bad trail and Im grabbing you by the ears before youre in too deep. Yes there is something very wrong with you going to different churches! Worshiping and serving TOGETHER is what keeps you unified. To go to a separate church, be with separate friends, serve in separate organizations-that’s dividing you as man and wife, You are a unit Bunny, and unilateral decisions like that will only serve to hurt your marriage. I know from experience because I did it in my past and it divided rather that anything else. Thats the enemy getting in your head. And the reason you want to do this is preposterous. You should be happy and secure in knowing that your church cares about security. A little overkill hurts no one. I applaud your church big time. They CARE about its members! Dont do this Bunny….


    1. While I always appreciate your opinion, the fact that our church has people tell on people who are sinning against them and now tell if people are actin different really gets to me. I said I am watching the church. I am not making rash decisions here. I love worshiping with my husband but I also, need to be comfortable in the environment.


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