Chronic Illness, Gluten Free, Metabolic Disorder, True Life, Vegetarian

Being Vegetarian

I’m a Vegetarian..for a few reasons.  With my metabolic disorder, I am limited on protein anyway and I don’t believe in killing and eating animals for food with all our other options.  I do eat Fish and Milk or Cheese, though.  Anyway, D. bought a GF Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza the other day.  I hadn’t had Pepperoni in a long time.  I really didn’t want it but remembered I used to like it so decided to try some.  We split it in half.  Yuck.  The Pepperoni had a horrible consistency.  Plus, it didn’t taste like anything.  I am not doing that anymore.

Then, the other day, we went to a buffet type place..more like a sandwich type place where they put the food together for you.  They had GF Food.  I told them I wanted only vegetables on my sandwich since I am Vegetarian and the girl goes, “No Meat?” like I stepped off a Spaceship.  I wonder if Vegetarianism is more common in California verse Las Vegas.

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