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Lessen Learned From Fish Death

My husband is a very, sensitive person and I need to work on my sensitivity, a bit.  One of our fish died today and he got very upset.  It was a Sucker Type Fish that was supposed to be cleaning the tank, but it never did.  It spent all it’s time in a Yellow, Submarine thing we kept in the tank and I was growing very, concerned when it didn’t come out to eat much.  The one time it came out, it looked really pale compared to the other one.  Now, D. Tells me it was an Albino.  Anyway, so as he is cleaning the tank today, I tell him to take the submarine out so the Sucker Fish will have to go elsewhere.  I looked inside and didn’t see it.  I did see something but thought it was poop.  About 6 hours later, I am washing the dishes and I get to the submarine on the counter, the dead fish is in the submarine.  D. gets extremely upset and says it’s my fault because I made him take the submarine out of the water and didn’t check it well enough.  Probably true.  I just could not believe how upset he got over the fish.  I made a comment I shouldn’t of made that I could not believe he was getting so upset over a fish. At least it wasn’t a cat.  Then, he got more annoyed because he said I was laughing at him.  I guess I just look at fish a bit differently, and to me that fish was not acting right.

I learned also not to wash the toys of fish with dish soap.  Apparently, you can get the fish sick or kill them afterward.   I wanted to throw the whole submarine out anyway after there was a dead fish in it.

3 thoughts on “Lessen Learned From Fish Death”

  1. Pets are pets even if they are fish. Dave had a fish named Mean Bastard because he WAS. He was a Jack Dempsey something because the breed is known to be mean. He WAS. He chewed the eyes out of any other fish in the tank. Anyway Dave had MB for alot of years from a minnow sized to a huge thing. I always saw his tank in the back ground when we were on cam dating long distance. When I moved out here and met MB it was like meeting a family member. When he found him floating one day he was saddened to tears. We were both so sad, but Dave really grieved for awhile. So never discount a fish or a man’s emotions. All our pets are special.


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