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Friends, Quotes, & LIfe

First, a question?  Can someone tell me how to turn this blog Public for a while?  I changed to Private, but, since it has a new name, I will probably just keep it this way anyway and I doubt anyone specific is looking for it.  Please let me know as, it is under consideration.

I  had an old friend from a while back..we’ve known each other for many years and I have watched her children grow up.  This person and family have always been judgmental..Holier then thou.  However, over the years, she has calmed down a lot and I had forgotten about that so I confided in her.  Well, just yesterday upon wishing her a Happy Birthday on Facebook, I was surprised to discover we are no longer Facebook Friends.  It turns out, she is ending our Friendship of many years (since 2001) because of my marriage situation.  She feels that we are going down different life paths and she would have done the same thing as my Maid-of-Honor did so I am wrong for feeling the way I do.  However, rather then be the normal person and discuss my life (which should not even affect her) she would rather end the friendship.  Ridiculous.

We visited another friend of mine recently whom D finally  got to meet.  It was really nice however, she was talking to me about attending a Recovery Class.  They have one at their church and we have one at ours.  At first I thought, what is she talking about?  I don’t do drugs or alcohol.  What would I be recovering from?  But, this class deals with anger, and forgiveness and other life issues.  It is sort of like Christian based therapy in your own church group.  It wouldn’t hurt and D. goes to the men’s one.  He actually just got a certificate for passing it and may even teach it this time.

My quote for the day is:

“I’m Strange. There’s A Difference”

This is literally My Quote.  When I was in High School, we had a group of us in Choir and we were all sort of labeling each other.  My one friend was the Weird One, Another was Crazy, I think another was Cute and when they got to me, I said, “I’m Strange, There’s A Difference.”  It has stuck, to this day.

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