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Early Married Life

Woke up this morning with an attack of IBS. Not good.  I’m really not the age to be crapping my pants.  Plus, I am out of one of my Anti-Rejection drugs again due to it having to be approved by my new doctor.  Hopefully, it will be settled tomorrow.  Needless to say, I feel really icky today and stayed home from church while D. went.

I think we may have solved our bug problem (knock on wood). D. used some spray behind the cabinet, but, then we sprayed Catnip all around the walls and doorways after reading that it is a Roach deterrent.  Haven’t seen any in the last few days. Cats have gotten crazier, though.

D. and I have to work on our money situation since neither of us re really good at budgeting so we have been spending to much.  I know this is common in early marriages.  It wasn’t the same in my first marriage since  the Ex was so much into money and made quite a bit that he was on target and we could do whatever.  But, D. and I need to slow down and make sure we pay bills first and on time so I stop taking money from my Money Market account to cover bills.

Our 4th was spent having a small funeral out back for the fish and crab.  D. had kept the fish in the freezer (don’t ask, I don’t want to explain it) and since Clyde Crab died, we put them all in the dirt under the grass and said a prayer before giving them back to God.  I believe God takes his creatures back.  After all, he made them for us.  Then, the Fireworks kept going until after 11:000.  I gave Petey one of his Muscle Relaxer pills (which he hasn’t needed in a long time) just because it makes him sleep, and he slept through most of the noise.  I also took a walk around the neighborhood and it was interesting because you could see Fireworks from every direction.

So much for my first 4th in Las Vegas!   Hope you all stayed safe and had a happy one.

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