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I Think It’s About Forgiveness… and a Quote

Rick Warren started something called ‘Celebrate Recovery’ which is taught in many churches.  At first I thought it was only for people who abused alcohol and drugs, however, I have since learned that we all have things that we need to face and possibly recover from.  One of the chapters is on Forgiveness.  I have not officially started the class at church yet (since it has not started) yet, I have started thinking a lot about life and who I need to forgive, as well as, who needs to forgive me.  Every few day, a person will pop into my head and will bug me for a while until I need to write a letter to that person forgiving them or asking for forgiveness.  With one person, I just wrote a letter doing both and am now simply waiting for a friend to give me her address so I can mail my letter.  Then, it will be in God’s hands.

Since I forgot to write my final quote the other day of my challenge, I will do so now.  It is from Scarlett in “Gone With The Wind.”. My favorite movie of all time.  It is when she is sitting on the steps at the end of the movie and she says,

“Oh, I’ll think about it tomorrow, After all, tomorrow is another day!”

Tomorrow is another day and a new beginning.  I am thankful for every tomorrow I receive that I am able to start over.

2 thoughts on “I Think It’s About Forgiveness… and a Quote”

  1. I would contend that you may have missed a major point about GWTW, that Rhett left Scarlett at the end because she’s resolutely in denial about her own flaws, and insensitive to the real problems of others. But it is good to hold hope for new beginnings, and forgiveness is a big part of that.


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