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She Will Be Comin Here Soon

Maybe I am selfish.  But, we are still Newlyweds and I did not want my Mother-In-Law moving in with all her issues!  D. says when she gets out of the hospital, she will need somewhere to live.  She cannot got back to the apartment since she cannot afford the rent.  She is late on all her bills because she got let go from her job after this happened last time.  Plus, if she is on her own constantly, this could keep happening.  He always promised her he would not put her in a home.  The woman is 65 and mentally unbalanced.  This sucks.  Yes, she can still help cook and clean but, seriously, it is not what I want at all!

Needless to say, I am getting prepared.  Deciding where to move what furniture where and what to get rid of to make room.  Some of her stuff will probably have to go in storage for a while.

Am considering purchasing a tiny home ,like a Granny home to put in the back yard that will cost about 10-11K to put in the backyard but, would need city permission.  Maybe, eventually, we can just sell and find a house with a smaller, house or apartment attached.

In the meantime, I pray for patience in this transition.

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