Celebrate Recovery, Changes, Mental Illness, Newlyweds, Therapy, True Life

Seeking A Compromised Solution

D and I had a discussion yesterday where I honestly told him how I felt about his mother moving in.  He really doesn’t want this either and is willing to look at other options.  We need to look at her money and health situation before making the final decision.  We also need to know how long  she will be in the hospital, this time.

If she moves here, I want her on a time limit and I want to go to Family Therapy or at least for her to get therapy.  Speaking of which, I need it too.  I am trying to find a Celebrate Recovery Group that meets on a Thursday here in Las Vegas.

I am not letting this whole situation throw off our wedding celebration which is in a month.

Despite the fact we have totally changed the Invitations so they don’t meet our theme, hopefully, the rest still will.

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