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Book Review and Real Life

Just finished an amazing book by Jodi Picoult titled; Nineteen Minutes.  She took interviews and facts of real school shootings and turned them into a fiction one.  When I told my husband I was reading this, he said it was Gross and wondered why anyone would want to write such a thing.  But, as I read it, it really made me think.  It got into the mind of the Shooter as well as the Victims.  You don’t always think about what they have been through or what leads them to freak out and shoot up the school, or other people.  In this case she used the bullying aspect, as it seems in most cases.  It makes me remember the children I grew up with (I don’t like term “Kids” unless we are talking about Goats.) I always did friend the Underdogs because I was made fun of a lot.  Think if you were the child who was teased and ridiculed for years and nobody listened to you?  Or, were you the one that teased that person?  Do you think it may be possible they flip out and do something drastic?  This book also looked at the family of the Shooter.  In this case, the family did not know.  That is true for many.  Many families don’t pay attention.  They give their children privacy, not thinking that is the last thing they need. Is it really fair to blame the parents who seriously didn’t know all that was going wrong in a school that was not taking care of bullying?  This is a book I believe parents should read.  Or, maybe even Juniors and Seniors in High School.  I would put it on a required reading list.  This is a book that makes one think and can really help to stop this violence in so many schools.  We did not have this sort of violence when I was growing up and children were still cruel to each other.  I am still friends with a few of those people now, on both sides.  But, we have all grown up.  Thank God, we have all made it through.

In home news, my MIL will most definitely be moving in soon and we have started rearranging the house for her.  We are planning on giving her a time limit as well as a few other rules.

I have had headaches for 2-3 days straight which I believe is partially due to stress.  Not just over his Mother but, also the fact that with the wedding party approaching in a month; the girl that ruined our wedding still bothers me.  Apparently, our Pastor spoke about forgiveness and wants me to hear his sermon from Wednesday (I was with the children teaching).  However, I am not ready to forgive and do not want her at our party.  D. does not feel the same way and said we need to be bigger people and she probably would not come anyway, but, that isn’t the point.  It hurts that he won’t acknowledge my feelings and let me have more time.  Actually, he will because he has to.  But, that is a tough one between us.

Lastly for today, our pregnant crab dropped her babies to early and we don’t think any survived.  We got them to another tank as quickly as possible, but it looks like it may have been to late.  That’s okay because she is a little Hussy and will get knocked up again. lol.

What’s really sad though, is I woke up to see another dead frog in D’s tank and this time, the Ghost Shrimp are eating him.  It seems like almost everybody that dies is from that tank.  That was one reason I wanted my own.  My fish and frogs are doing fine.  I wish my baby frog, Frankenfrog would stay a baby though.  He is so cute now, I really don’t want him to get big.

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