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Fun Wknd and Lessons Learned

A lot has gone on in the last few days which is why I haven’t been here.

My MIL is not moving in!  She is out of the hospital and some friends from church have taken over helping out and caring for her.  She wants to stay in her apartment.  Since we have already re-organized the house, this means we have an empty room that D. can use for what he wants, art probably. I believe in my husband having a room to call his own and having that space.

FrankenFrog died. It was really sad. FrankenFrog and one of our other ones were really skinny and thin when we got them and they came from Petco, I believe. I don’t think they were that healthy originally. He lived about 8 days. I still have DracuFrog left and he is doing well and likes the attention.

This wknd was awesome. I had a lot of fun and I learned about myself, as well. I attended the 80’s High School Reunion of my high school, Tustin High. It was held here in Las Vegas, at SouthPoint Hotel. I was the only one attending from my graduating year, 1984! This made me proud. I wound up sharing a room with someone. We had people attend from 1979 up to 1985, but only about 25 people attended. We had dinner and saw the Spazmatics Show. It was really fun. Then, the next day, we had a Brunch at the hotel. My husband works for the same hotel, so I got to watch him work for a bit, as well.

What I learned about myself though, is that I am not my disability. When someone asked me what I do, I usually would answer, I don’t work. I am disabled or I am just a Housewife. Well, I realized, I am not just a Housewife. I am a Writer! I wrote a Children’s Book and had it published on Lulu.com plus, my MIL wants me to do another book project with her. I am also a Housewife and an Animal Mom. I need to give myself more credit. I also need to stop apologizing for things that aren’t necessary. I watched someone else do that and it drove me crazy. Now, I understand.

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