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Getting Ready To Party!

Normally, if my blog has had no attention in a while, it is time to change the theme; however, the Customizer is not working. What gives? Hopefully, that will be fixed in a few days.

For the past 3 days or so, I have felt like crap. Diarrhea and extreme lethargy. I don’t usually take 3-4 hour naps during the day and today, I slept all day when I wasn’t in the restroom. So annoying.

I know I am getting excited (and nervously stressed) about the fact that our wedding party is in 3 weeks and we still have a lot of little details to go over to get ready for it. We do have 15-16 people already confirmed. This is the wedding party that was taken away from me. It may not be the actual wedding, but we will have a Blessing and a lot of our friends will be there who weren’t able to make it before. Plus, you know who is not invited.

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