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Wedding Reception 2 Days Away

Two days until our Wedding Reception and I am super excited. I am also a bit bummed out.

The Lord is helping to keep everything under control as something arrives every day that we ordered. People at church are really starting to get excited and we even invited people we hardly know. I almost felt bad for not inviting Cruella after a really good sermon yesterday, but the Singles Group has planned an outing for tomorrow anyway and after this, I can throw it all behind me.

The reason I am bummed out is because none of my family and hardly any of my friends are coming. The ones from CA all have various excuses and as for my family.. the one that really bothers me is my Brother and family. We actually changed the date to accommodate them and now they won’t make it. We could have done this right after the wedding and more people may have shown up. But, I am still going to have a great time. I am determined to stay happy and positive. The people that show up will be the ones God wants to be there and that is what matters.

After the party, we will be going out for dinner to an Italian Mob Themed Restaurant and we will be leaving Sunday morning after church for our honeymoon to a condo in Brianhead, Utah.

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