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Friends And Family Didn’t Attend

Sometimes when I write a blog post, it is to get passed a hurt or anger issue. Once it is written, I can go on. This one will be about people! I hope it doesn’t hurt any feelings and if it does, I am sorry. Remember, these are my feelings and I state no one in specific with these blogs.
When I moved from CA to Las Vegas, NV; a lot of my friends encouraged me. They also said “You are only a few hours away.” and “We will come visit.” Las Vegas is a town that most people visit. I have lived here a year now and not one of those friends have visited. That hurt. Then, I got re-married and we invited over 300 people to our Reception. It was very sad when only one person from CA came. 2 if you consider my one friend I originally met in High School. Where was everyone else? Some had known about it for months and sounded almost as excited as me, but, when it came to the RSVP. The reasons why they could not come ran like syrup. We heard so many. Some, we never heard at all, they just never showed. We made food for almost 80 people. We will probably have cake to last another month. Luckily, a friend found someone to take the cupcakes that were left over.
Maybe I sound selfish or maybe I expect to much from my friends but, when someone moves away, it doesn’t mean they have to be out of your life forever. I was so nervous about moving originally. I did not want to lose all my friends. They promised me they would be here for me. Yet, I was left alone to deal with it all.
I thank God for my new husband and even my church family.
For those friends that read this (very few) I will remain your friend forever. Please forgive me once again if this post offended you. However, it is how I feel at this moment in time. I know things change, but for me it is tough to completely start over which is what I did and I had to do. I didn’t and don’t want it to be a complete start over with all my old friends.

Remember the old Girl Scout Motto:
Make New Friends
But Keep The Old
One Is Silver
And The Other Is Gold.

Then, there is the issue of family. We scheduled the Reception for late August so my brother’s side of the family could make it. Otherwise, we would have had this in June or July closer to our actual wedding date. Nobody from my family showed up. It wasn’t until I called my brother that he told me plans changed, etc. My sister said that maybe nobody in the family was going because it was my 2nd marriage. That is ridiculous. This proves to me that: you can’t pick your family and after your parents are gone, family falls apart. At least that’s what happened to mine and it is a sad reality.

Since I have posted this, I can give it to God and go on.

2 thoughts on “Friends And Family Didn’t Attend”

  1. Wow. Well when you move away, regardless of what people say, friends fall away. You have a new life, new friends and a new family. Your family is dead wrong in how they are behaving. SAD. Im happy for you and celebrate your life as it is now with you! I am with you in spirit!

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