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Our Honeymoon Roadtrip

After two days of my husband baking the cake and I working on the cupcakes, as well as ordering and buying all the supplies for the wedding party and praying they would arrive on time, it all came together and about 25 people showed up. Maybe. I had two friends show up who were not from the church. My husband had two people show up also who were not from the church. While it turned out to be a lot of fun and I focused only or mainly on my husband, What is wrong with people? That may be another blog in a few hours.
We took a long drive for our Honeymoon from Las Vegas, NV to Elgin, TX. 3,000 miles total there and back. We stopped and saw my Sister and Bro-In-Law in Goodyear, AZ who acted like it was a great inconvenience to see us. Once we got together it was nice, but before getting there.. we also stopped at Cadillac Ranch where you can paint graffiti on cars. Cadillac’s, of course, which are buried in the ground with most of the bodies sticking out so you can spray paint. I have never done that before so after my husband did his usual, I spray painted a Bunny. It was pretty cool. We ended our trip at his dad’s place in Elgin where I got to meet that side of the family. It was so cool to see animals walking on the sides of the road like Rooster and Sheep and while in the canyon, there was a family of Deer that just stopped and watched us pass by. We did have a scary point going through New Mexico when we lost all cellphone reception which included our maps.
I kept a running Facebook Diary of sorts and posted everywhere we stopped to get gas or whatever so anyone who wanted could check in and see where we were. I found out today that really meant a lot to some people.

2 thoughts on “Our Honeymoon Roadtrip”

  1. I didnt know you guys MADE that cake. Wow. Its not about the guest list, its about the event and thats all that matters. Your road trip looked perfect for you. I love road trips and so does Dave.


    1. It may not be about the guest list but since this is my blog, I want to put down my thoughts on the subject and get passed it. D. took two days to make the cake and worked. It was awesome of him.


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