Our New Addition

We are the Crazy Cat Family but it is all good. We have adopted our 5th cat, as of 3 days ago. She is 11 years old and her name is Puma. She is beautiful and seriously looks like a Puma. She is declawed. She is so not aggressive. A lot like my Tara cat. Firepie does a lot of growling and the kitten messes with her a bit, but all in all, it really isn’t to bad.
Usually, when we go to the pet store, I have to look at the cats and sometimes, I will joke that we should take one home. But, when Puma looked at us, something hit both me and my husband hard. My husband totally fell for this Mountain Lion (not really but, she is huge!) and I felt so sorry for her when I saw her age. We went home and prayed for the answer to become clear. The next morning, we had to go back and read her paperwork. She has a minor eye infection but seems otherwise healthy.

Pictures will come soon.

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