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Life Adventures and Possible Firepie Solution

Last night, I got to volunteer for the NewsBoys Concert at Cashman Center here in Las Vegas. It was awesome as, we also got free admission. All the Merchant Booths were inside so you didn’t miss the concert. I actually signed up for passing out Flyers, but they said I was doing so well, they used me as an Usher, Ticket Taker, and Merchandising. I took a break and had dinner from the vending machine which was cheaper and half the line. The music was awesome but seriously loud, so, of course, I woke up with a Migraine today. But so worth it! “God’s Not Dead, He’s Surely Alive!..” The original of that was one of the last songs they played and it is my favorite. I purchased my husband and I matching shirts and a CD.

In other news, my Nephew and his wife had a baby a few days ago. So excited! It’s a Girl! That means I get to buy Girl Things! I have like 3 Great-Nephews so I am looking forward to buying fun, pretty girl things. No, pink though. That just isn’t me.

Puma is watching over my Firepie and stopping the nonsense. Seriously, when Firepie has her hissing, growling fits; Puma stares her down until she goes quiet. She also runs to interfere when Firepie fights with the others. It is awesome. Who knows, maybe Puma will be our miracle and train our Monster-Cat to be friendly. One can only dream and hope.

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