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My Day For Me

After going to church yesterday and having someone comment that I may be losing weight again, I realized that I have not been taking care of myself. I cycle on my formula I need to take. I got lost with the Marriage and Honeymoon and Puma, etc. I need to get back on track and focus on myself, my health and me.

My husband is gone for the day. He went to an Art thing in another city a few hours away and he may be part of a television show in Europe or somewhere. I was invited, but I wanted a day for myself. Maybe, I will go gambling for a bit, or they may be having something at church. I don’t know. Maybe, I will stay home and gel. Haven’t decided yet.

One thing about this marriage compared to the last is: My Ex never wanted to spend time with me so, I became very independent. Now, my husband wants to spend almost all his time with me. He is not controlling in the least, but, sometimes, I just want time for me. When he is asleep, it is not the same. I know eventually, I will need to wake him up or the animals will make noise and I have to monitor them.. or something. When I am alone once in a while, I have me time.. to think or sleep or anything without concern of noise, etc.

1 thought on “My Day For Me”

  1. GF there is no maybe about it. You are losing weight. I meant to email you about it too. Im noticing in many of your recent pics youre downright skeletal-like your hands and things up close and I have been worried about your health. I know its not an anorexia thing and it is about your other health issues. Please take care of yourself and eat better and MORE. I could not handle losing you. I love you GF.

    And theres nothing wrong with me time…smiles. Isnt it awesome that your husband wants to be with you all the time? I love how D wants to be with me all the time but we have healthy me-time too. God is GREAT!


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