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Weird Lip Issue

So sorry, it’s been a while (seems like I am always apologizing) but, I have been having major lip issues. It is really gross. Major red, round, blistery things that bleed and burn and crack. Did I mention burn? All around my mouth on my lips. For the first four days, I could hardly eat and mainly ate chips and milk shakes so I could drink from a straw or just not touch my lips. Yes, I lost more weight but, we won’t go there. I went to the doctor who had no idea what it is.

One of the girls from church said she gets outbreaks of this a lot and suggested a medication that treats Herpes and Shingles type infections, so I asked the doctor for that, and I am taking it now. It is helping a bit. But, it is as if this thing, does not want to go away. So annoying. I have not been able to kiss my husband in over a week. A few days ago, I started eating solid foods again.

I think after I finish the milk shake in the frig, I will stop the Gluten Ease and see how I do. I wonder if maybe I am allergic to it.

If you are a Christian, please pray for me. I always seem to get the weirdest medical issues. Thank-You.

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