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Keep Close To Your Friends.

I wasn’t going to write today but, I have to.

A friend of mine from High School died. He was a pretty close friend in High School and then we got reacquainted at our 10 Year Reunion. I have posted about him. He is the one who hit on me right after my Ex-Husband and I separated, which was not acceptable. But, I forgave him later and we have talked since. We have had our differences through the years, but still been friends. I actually wanted to invite him to our recent wedding reception but, I lost his information and just found it. Funny, I look to the left and I can see his e-mail and phone number now since I just found it the other day.

I was told he possibly died of Heart Attack or Heart Failure due to being in the Obese Category. I feel so sad. He was the same age as I am.

He was a Christian so I know I will see him again. That helps a bit to soften the shock factor.

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