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Live Video on Periscope

So, My husband introduced me to Periscope. What a wonderful blurb of technology. You have to be on Twitter to use it, but you get to make video’s and your friends or those who are interested can comment live and you can talk to them. Totally cool! I am Bunny50 in case you are interested. You have to be on Twitter to use it, but this is just awesome.
Of course, now I am getting overwhelmed with technology.

I won’t get into the shopping sites, etc. But, I need to get my friends into Periscope so I can actually see some of them again and see what they are up to. Maybe it will help keep us in touch more. The ones I lost touch with in CA.

My lips are still being a royal pain and what’s worse is these things are growing even on the tip of my tongue. I seriously wonder if it is from the Gluten Ease I as taking and the fact I ate gluten at the time. But, you would think it would be out of my system by now. Although, a little bit of gluten can take a long time to go away. If this is an allergy, I wonder if there is a way to counteract it.

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