Trip & Health Update

So, we went to the funeral service of my friend and it was actually pretty nice for what it was.  They made it a celebration of sorts with mainly happy memories.  It did last a long time,  though and we wound up leaving before the last video

After returning home, I called the Primary and demanded to see her about these mouth blisters. She finally looked at them.  She does not think they are Herpes and has put a Rush on Dermatologist.  She also gave me some burn cream for lips and Hydrocodone for pain.  Hydrocodone doesn’t work,  it just makes me itch. Gotta get a solution soon,  am losing way to much weight.

Poor Petey dog had diarrhea all day and night after we got home since his grandmother let him cat food so ge got nothing today.
Tomorrow,  he can a small bit again. Good Night Again, All!

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