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Read Your Prescriptions

I’ve discovered the problem but,  not the solution.
Apparently,  I ran out of my TACROLIMUS (anti – rejection) and came across the same size bottle;  not realizing it is Topiramate- Topamax 50mg (Migraine Med)
I take Tacrolimus 3 pills in the morning and two at night.  I take Topiramate 1 tab in morning only.  The doctor said 2 was okay but,  it wasn’t helping and I didn’t like what I had read about it. I tried to end it before and doctor said No.
Needless to say,  with my mistake, I have been taking 200mg Topiramate in the morning and 1 50mg (one hundred fifty) at night.
I am having severe side effects ,  and am waiting for doctor to tell me the next step.

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