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Health and Christmas!

I’ve restarted my Tacrolimus (Anti-Rejection) med, and am doing better. I’ve learned I cannot take it as originally prescribed though, so I am just taking 2 a day until I see a Nephrologist. Needless to say, I am getting all my meds, referrals and doctors on track. It’s sad when it takes a scare of something like that to make you realize you are not taking care of your body like you should.
The really good part is, while starting to feel better; I am also starting to eat normally again and have already gained 1 lb in a week.

My favorite Holiday is approaching and we are already buying decorations and getting ready for it. I Love Christmas! Everyone is nice and in a good mood, well, most people. I love the decorating and the giving of gifts. Plus, it is so neat that my husband likes to do that too. We may have the best house on the block!

I remember when my Ex and I separated, one of the things that was the hardest was parting with all my Christmas stuff. We had a four-bedroom house and I was moving to a one-bedroom apartment, so I couldn’t take my blow-up Christmas stuff, or a lot of the other Christmas décor we had collected. I remember standing in the garage sorting through all my stuff thinking I was really losing Christmas, as well.

While Christmas is not about decorations, I like decorating and knowing people like to drive by our house to see the lights and the fun things we do outside.

By the way, in my posts, the Holiday is Christmas! I am a Christian and this is what I believe.

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