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Sister Drama

Okay, So, I have a sister that doesn’t talk to me..for whatever reason.  Yeah, I know one of the main ones.  However, we have sort of come to an agreement where she will at least e-mail once in a while.  Otherwise, she gets info about me from my other sister who talks to both of us.

Anyway, I get this msg from (let’s call her Self short for Selfish) Self telling me not to respond but, she has been diagnosed with Cancer (for the 2nd time) and this kind is genetic.  She said not to respond because “the family is devastated.”  She was also asking if I would put her on the Prayer List at church.

Am I not part of the family?  Once again, the issue is about her but I am not allowed to say I care, or I’m sorry, or Kiss My Ass!  Totally stupid.  I did put her on the Prayer List because it was the Christian thing to do, and I do care.  But, Really!  That is insulting to think that even though we don’t talk, she doesn’t even want a comment on this from me.

I talked to my other sister and the Cancer, Self has, may not be genetic.  The doctor said, it “could be genetic.”  Of course, Self is the type of person that doesn’t count those two little words and jumps to conclusions right away.


1 thought on “Sister Drama”

  1. OK I am a cancer survivor. EVERY cancer can be genetic-if you carry the positive gene. I was tested and am braca negative. My sister Self X 10 I will call her (LOL) refuses to get the test. Stupid. Your sister should be tested because A its free once shes been diagnosed. B she can pass it on to her children if she has them. You did the right thing putting her on the prayer list and leave it at that. I drew a line in the sand with Self X 10 because I dont care if she has one foot in the grave with her stage 4 mastasis, she does not have the right to be cruel, hurtful or treat me in the deep evil ways she has. My line is drawn and we have no contact. No guilt here-I am drama FREE.


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