My Take On The Holidays

Today, I want to talk about the Holidays.  Thanksgiving is coming and while I am not a Thanksgiving person (I thank God every day for something) I guess it is important for those that need that day to remember to be thankful for family.  I remember Thanksgiving Day with family while growing up.  While fun, it was also a chore to dress up, get the house ready, etc.  for one day of stuffing our stomachs.  It was a day family had to try to be on their best behaviors and get along with each other.  Unsurprisingly, in my family, it would usually end with a disagreement between two people and someone would go home angry.  I think it is a bit sad when there are Holidays that force family to be together.  Family should get together when they want to, not just for major celebrations.

My favorite Holiday is Christmas. The lights, the music, the fact that most people are happy and friendly during that time of year.  I have almost finished shopping and am going to start wrapping today.  I love giving gifts.  Yes, receiving is nice too.  I don’t understand people that make giving Christmas gifts a chore.  In my opinion, you are not or should not be obligated to buy someone a Christmas gift.  Heck, if it isn’t from your heart, I would rather not receive it anyway.    Just because it is your Sister, Aunt, Brother, etc. should not make it an obligation.  Plus, why go rushing around buying things and “wasting money.” as some people think?  I buy and give because I want to.  When Christmas becomes a chore, the spirit is gone.  Plus, as a Christian, I believe Christ died for us.  He gave us a gift of himself, but nothing from a store.  He did so freely.  The true meaning of Christmas is not about who buys or gets what.  It’s about the love and joy of the Holiday.  If you don’t love the preparation, STOP! 

I also want to add that if someone give you a gift, it Does Not Mean you have to reciprocate.  This is where the love falls by the wayside, and obligation comes in.  I give because I want to.  It insults me when people tell me to stop giving them Christmas gifts because they can’t or won’t give me one.  Gifts should be accepted with an open heart.  The last thing you should be thinking is “Oh, she gave me that, but I never got her anything.”  It doesn’t matter.  God gave himself expecting nothing in return.

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