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Sister Drama Continues. .

It is really sad when y you may have to stop communication with your own sister.

However, I really think Self is a Hypochondriac who creates her own stress.  She is now Cancer Free but,  convinced she has another disease and only has 5 years left to live.

She has treated me like crap for the last 5 years (since our mom died) for whatever stupid reasons about how mom’s care when she was sick and funeral was managed; which I took care of.

She turns every conversation,  email,  etc.  into a confrontation and has to be right.

I am done being hurt by her and if she wants to end communication,  that’s fine.

You can’t pick your family.

1 thought on “Sister Drama Continues. .”

  1. GF You dont need to wait for her to make the decision not to communicate. I had to do this with my sister Self X 10 stage 4 metastasis or not. You will be at peace from the release of that drama in your life. I have ZERO regrets. You need to draw a line in the sand and let self know that she cannot treat you that way. You can still love her and pray for her but stand up for your self worth at the same time.


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