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Weirdest Christmas Gift?

Christmas is coming and I love to give!  The problem is; I have a hard time stopping.  As my husband pointed out yesterday, I can not help every child on the Angel Tree at church.  I cannot help the whole world.  I have already helped two Angel Tree children and a few families on with presents for their children, plus, over a dozen boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  I just hate to hear/see people suffer..especially during the Holidays.

I am going to reiterate again how I feel about gift giving due to a comment by my sister.  She said, “Did I tell you we are not doing Christmas?  Don’t get us anything because we cannot afford it.”  Okay, Here is the deal and my opinion.  I give because I can and want to.  I don’t give because I expect something back.  I can afford it and had already bought something for her.  So, she is getting it.  I hate that philosophy of having to give because someone gives you something.  It’s ridiculous and not even healthy or a happy way of giving.  I’ve learned to give happily or not at all.    If I give a gift, I expect someone to be happy, not say, “Oh, I didn’t get you anything.”  Christmas is not about that.  That’s when Christmas becomes an obligation and the whole meaning of giving disappears.  My cousins stopped me from sending them gifts because we didn’t see each other that much..or some stupid reason.  I hate when people tell me not to give to them.  Just accept it with thanks, and move on.

Speaking of gifts, all of our African Dwarf Frogs died and I want another one for my Birthday.  D. gave me a book yesterday on African Dwarf Frogs so I can read up on them  (early Birthday gift).  So excited, we are going to try again on or after Monday.

I am going to end with a fun question, What is the weirdest gift you ever received for Christmas?  I remember working for a company and starting maybe a month before Christmas.  We had a gift exchange and the girl that had my name gave me an ugly shirt and said, “I saw this and thought of you.”  It wasn’t something I could wear to work.  I took it home and was showing it to my mom; when my Aunt saw it, and said; “Oh, That is cute. Where did you get that?”  Needless to say, my Aunt got an early Christmas present from me.

Please give some answers:  I am looking forward to hearing your stories.







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